Personal Public Relations
Everything is political.
My clients get the Cover of Super Lawyers.  Because they really are, super.
However, in news events - rapid response is critical as news is news when it's new
Some of our accomplishments are below.  But if you need help quickly, call us at

Meanwhile, am quoted when clients aren't available...or when practical expertise is needed. We work with some fabulous reporters who usually do their own research and break big stories. 

(But we did help with the BP explosion, exclusive.)

Either way, rapid response, such as in the Kanye West - Taylor Swift's first meeting, when he grabbed the mic; or my, "Tell me now or pay me later" quip for an article on real estate litigation, rapid response is key.

Which explains how we were able to tip the reporter in the morning on a story involving "revenge porn" and it aired mid-afternoon, the same day on KOIN TV in Oregon.

Rapid response sometimes being more important than it should be.  However, the goal first, second, and always, is to connect the client with the reporter.  If that's not possible, then and only then it' time to speak up.  The instance of Jenny Craig possibly selling tainted beef,  was one of those occasions.

Just as the press isn't always aware attorneys hire jury consultants, the same is true for media relations.   

The only event I never wanted to organize involved the incredible, the wonderful,
Dominick Dunne.   Otherwise...efforts on behalf of our clients have resulted in the following:
Civil Court:

  1.  Print and television coverage involving an out-of-town attorney who was suffering from being "home-towned" in a case outside his normal geographic practice area.  His win against a local Catholic institution resulted in coverage in both towns; and a new client with a similar problem, just two weeks later.

Family-to-Criminal Court:

  2.  Televised pre-trial publicity surrounding the arrest of a pedophile attempting to make child porn movies, resulted in a plea change from "Not Guilty" to "Guilty."  Although the police had physical evidence, three small children were spared from testifying. 

(Additionally, the mother finally was able to gain full custody after years of "supervised visitation.")

  3.  Worked with an Orange County DA's office to help prosecute Ron Lais.

  4.  Worked with a reluctant San Diego DA's office to prosecute a family law attorney who admitted ripping off clients.
Possible Elder Financial abuse:

  5.  An Emergency room doctor used hospital records to track down and befriend a recent widow.  He visited her at her residence and, after befriending her, became her doctor.  After her death several years later it was discovered she had revised her will throughout the ensuring years, to his  financial benefit.  After an ABC news feature, the State Medical Board began an investigation.  

.  In a state boasting over two hundred thousand attorneys, placed two clients in the state's annual legal publication of state's "Best." The publication for listing no more than thirty attorneys, yearly.

  7.  Front page coverage of a Court of Appeal win in the state's largest legal publication in a case featuring the conduct of another attorney.  Coverage attracted more attorneys whose clients had meet the same fate.  Those attorneys are now called "Witnesses."  A State Bar investigation commenced.

  8.  Televised and print coverage of attorneys assisting their child client, take on a school district. 

  9.  In just six days, with national press following, successfully pressured Angelo Mozilo, CEO of Countrywide, the predatory lending institution to cancel his appearance at a university  sponsored seminar on "sustainable real estate" after the sponsoring university refused to rescind the CEO's invitation to be their "keynote" speaker.
This put me as the Mozilo source forever more.

 10.  Radio and television coverage of GPS breakthrough technology involving Victim Notification Alerts to end "domestic violence" in family court. 

Criminal Court:

 11.  Provided one DA a "meta-tag" lesson used in the prosecution of a former attorney for the unauthorized practice of law, in addition to a list of nineteen additional victims.  Former attorney was sentenced to significant prison time.

12.   Hours before sentencing in a criminal case we discovered the defendant had altered a letter of recommendation written by a highly respected businessman in the community, to the judge.  Unfortunately the alteration completely changed the meaning of the letter.  Our efforts on behalf of the respected individual exposed the defendant's actions, including hand-walking it to the federal court prosecutor.  Our catch prevented injury to the innocent individual's reputation. 

Think globally, act locally.