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Everything is political.
Media services - Generating excellent media, including oppositional media

Sometimes, the truth hurts.  Campaigns wishing to keep negative information buried, often react as if it's "bad" media, when facts slip out.  As we often find these facts, our view is a little different.

Our capabilities range from basic media coverage after a good result, to designing media campaigns for ongoing freshness.

We're as versatile as we are agile.  One attorney texted a need during a break in a long deposition, around three o'clock.   We had it one the wires by Four, while the depo was still taking place.  Opposing counsel might have received a Google alert on the way home.   

We build websites quickly and are no slouches when it comes to conducting opposition research.  We also provide media coaching to the 'nth' degree.

Our clients have been featured in state and national legal periodicals, as well as local newspapers. Our clients have appeared on CNN, and Reuters.  We've even gotten their children in the New York Times.  Our clients have also appeared on televised, international news feeds throughout Europe and Southern Asia.

Nationally, our clients have been featured in More Magazine, Marie Claire, National Law Journal, California Lawyer, The Recorder, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine and MSNBC and CNN.

We generally work with professionals and their clients, and individuals impacted by political attacks.  We also work directly with reporters who need quick research.   In the area of Family Court, (sheesh) we've exposed judicial favorites, including one Judge Pro Tem, we later helped send to prison.  While our preference is traditional public relations, we do have a knack for exposing multiple fake therapists, or those appointed by the courts, who don't meet minimal state law standards.

A specialty area is interesting reporters in covering issues not generally reported by mainstream media.  Our efforts produce results both in print and in the courts.

A few examples of our success include:

  • Placing two attorneys on the annual list of California Lawyer's "Best Attorney."
  • Forcing the CEO of a major lending institution to cancel his "keynote" speaker, speaking engagement after creating a national, negative publicity campaign.  The CEO canceled six days after the website went live.
  • Provided local law enforcement with evidence to effect the arrest and subsequent prosecution of a former attorney who continued "practicing" law on-line after his resignation from the state bar.
  • Placed a magazine cover story regarding a therapist who graduated from Email University.  Called for the county to terminate contracts with her services.  Grants were canceled.  Restitution was paid.
  • Executed a continuance in an inter-state extradition matter.  (Defense counsel said it wasn't possible.) 
  • Exposed a troublesome doctor-patient relationship
  • Exposed a troublesome family court case, where the courts repeatedly failed to act in the child's best interest.

We do this so you can ride off into the sunset with a smile on your face.

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