Personal Public Relations
Everything is political.
Great Media - independent news gathering - Oppositional research. "About us" is about your needs.
Have worked with "white shoe" as well as blue collar, criminal defense firms.  Also, some litigants.

"About us"  is where most firms write glowingly of themselves in an effort to dazzle you with their impressive background.  It's boring.
However, click here to see what independent journalism can accomplish.

Seldom mentioned is:  reality.  That it's not about us, it's always about you and your needs.    A typical client profile is an individual who whip-smart with a sense of humor, accompanied by a passion for justice.  If that fits you, we'd love to meet with you.   

We are happy to send selected samples of our success as results provide the best demonstration of a work product.

For more information, contact us.

Have owned, "" for a long time.  Recently informed my Twitter account was reverse hacked.  Please note:

First:  Bonnie Russell is not a man. 

Second:  Bonnie Russell is sometimes confused with  African-American Buffalo City Council member, Bonnie Russell.

Third:  Bonnie Russell is also, not a horse.  Yes, there's a horse name Bonnie Russell.  Seriously.  She's from New York.  See here.  :)

Fourth:  If you need media. or have too much unjust media attention of the wrong kind, Bonnie Russell is who you want to call.

Efforts on behalf of our clients have resulted in a change in public policy, legal and general magazine cover stories,  front page newspaper exposes, and on occasion, judges recusing themselves from cases.

Our clients have appeared on all network affiliates, Reuters (European) news feeds, and are quoted in monthly magazines and all major newspapers.    

However, sometimes regular news is slow.  

Do good.  Somewhere a smart reporter might notice and key into the larger story.

Disclaimer:  The only area where we have run out of patience is misogyny in government.  While remaining cheerful and polite, we no longer ignore the obvious.