Personal Public Relations
Everything is political.
What to do when the ride gets bumpy.
Negative publicity impacts the bottom line.  Additionally there is a depleting emotional component that must be addressed as bumpy emotional rides are tiresome.  One sometimes forgets the "wins."  Overcoming negative publicity is harder if one's plate is already full.  We know you don't want to deal with it.  And that's the good news. We love people who don't want to "deal with it" because that frees us up to work our magic.

But the good news is we don't just, "deal with it." We strike better deals and engineer soft landings.

Need to Erase the past?  Give it up.

However, while we can't always erase the past (sometimes actually, we have,) in this day and age, we can at the very least make sure it is harder to find.

We have had many, many light-bulb moments as they apply to good results, crisis management, and political campaigns.  However, we're smart enough not to discuss them here. 

Let others write about their "case studies."  We are more discreet.